HermesCommon  3.0
mumps_solver.h File Reference

MUMPS solver interface. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "solvers/linear_matrix_solver.h"
#include "algebra/matrix.h"
#include <mumps_c_types.h>
#include <dmumps_c.h>
#include <zmumps_c.h>

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class  Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >
struct  Hermes::Algebra::mumps_type< Scalar >
struct  Hermes::Algebra::mumps_type< std::complex< double > >
struct  Hermes::Algebra::mumps_type< double >
class  Hermes::Algebra::MumpsMatrix< Scalar >
 Matrix used with MUMPS solver. More...
class  Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >


 General namespace for the Hermes library.
 Namespace for linear / nonlinear / iterative solvers.
 Namespace containing classes for vector / matrix operations.

Detailed Description

MUMPS solver interface.

Definition in file mumps_solver.h.