HermesCommon  3.0
Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar > Class Template Reference

#include <mumps_solver.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >:

Public Member Functions

 MumpsSolver (MumpsMatrix< Scalar > *m, SimpleVector< Scalar > *rhs)
void free ()
virtual void solve ()
virtual int get_matrix_size ()
 Get size of matrix.
bool setup_factorization ()
bool check_status ()
bool reinit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Solvers::DirectSolver< Scalar >
 DirectSolver (SparseMatrix< Scalar > *matrix, Vector< Scalar > *rhs)
virtual void solve (Scalar *initial_guess)
virtual double get_residual_norm ()
 Returns 0. - for compatibility.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Solvers::LinearMatrixSolver< Scalar >
 LinearMatrixSolver (SparseMatrix< Scalar > *matrix, Hermes::Algebra::Vector< Scalar > *rhs)
DirectSolver< Scalar > * as_DirectSolver () const
LoopSolver< Scalar > * as_LoopSolver () const
IterSolver< Scalar > * as_IterSolver () const
AMGSolver< Scalar > * as_AMGSolver () const
Scalar * get_sln_vector ()
double get_time ()
virtual MatrixStructureReuseScheme get_used_reuse_scheme () const
 Get factorization scheme.
virtual void set_reuse_scheme (MatrixStructureReuseScheme reuse_scheme)
virtual void set_reuse_scheme ()
 Set factorization scheme to default.
virtual void use_node_wise_ordering (unsigned int num_pdes)
 Set matrix ordering in the case of a system of PDEs.
virtual void use_equations_wise_ordering ()
SparseMatrix< Scalar > * get_matrix ()
Vector< Scalar > * get_rhs ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Mixins::Loggable
 Loggable (bool verbose_output=false, callbackFn verbose_callback=NULL, bool add_newline=true)
void set_file_output_only (bool onOff)
void set_timestamps (bool onOff)
 Sets the addition of a time stamp on each line in the log file. By default it is on.
void set_erase_on_beginning (bool onOff)
 Sets the logFile being always erased before logging.
void set_logFile_name (const char *filename)
void set_logFile_name (std::string filename)
void info (const char *msg,...) const
void info_if (bool cond, const char *msg,...) const
void warn (const char *msg,...) const
void warn_if (bool cond, const char *msg,...) const
void error (const char *msg,...) const
void error_if (bool cond, const char *msg,...) const
virtual void set_verbose_output (bool to_set)
bool get_verbose_output () const
 Returns the current value of verbose_output;.
virtual void set_verbose_callback (callbackFn callback)
callbackFn get_verbose_callback () const
 Returns the current value of verbose_callback;.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Mixins::TimeMeasurable
 TimeMeasurable (const char *name=nullptr)
 Constructs internal structures and starts measuring.
const TimeMeasurablereset ()
 Resets accumulated time.
const TimeMeasurabletick_reset ()
 Starts a new_ period and resets accumulated time.
const TimeMeasurabletick (TimeMeasurable::TimerPeriodTickType type=HERMES_ACCUMULATE)
 Starts/ends a new_ period.
const std::string & name () const
 Returns a name of the time period if any.
double accumulated () const
 Returns accumulated time (in seconds).
std::string accumulated_str () const
 Returns accumulated time in human readable form.
double last () const
 Returns last measured period (in seconds). More...
std::string last_str () const
 Returns last measured period in human readable form.

Public Attributes

MumpsMatrix< Scalar > * m
 Matrix to solve.
SimpleVector< Scalar > * rhs
 Right hand side.
mumps_type< Scalar >::mumps_struct param
 MUMPS specific structure with solver parameters.
- Public Attributes inherited from Hermes::Mixins::Loggable
char * logFileName
 Logfile name.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Hermes::Mixins::TimeMeasurable
enum  TimerPeriodTickType { HERMES_ACCUMULATE, HERMES_SKIP }
 Tick type. Used by the class Hermes::TimePeriod. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Mixins::Loggable
static void set_static_logFile_name (const char *filename)
static void set_static_logFile_name (std::string filename)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Hermes::Mixins::Loggable
static char * staticLogFileName = nullptr
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Mixins::Loggable
void hermes_fwrite (const void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nitems, FILE *stream) const
void hermes_fread (void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nitems, FILE *stream) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from Hermes::Solvers::LinearMatrixSolver< Scalar >
MatrixStructureReuseScheme reuse_scheme
 Factorization scheme.
SparseMatrix< Scalar > * general_matrix
Vector< Scalar > * general_rhs
Scalar * sln
 Solution vector. More...
double time
unsigned int n_eq
 Number of equations in a system of PDEs.
bool node_wise_ordering

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >

Encapsulation of MUMPS linear solver.

Definition at line 44 of file mumps_solver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >::MumpsSolver ( MumpsMatrix< Scalar > *  m,
SimpleVector< Scalar > *  rhs 

Constructor of MumpsSolver.

[in]mmatrix pointer
[in]rhsright hand side pointer

Definition at line 641 of file mumps_solver.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
bool Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >::check_status ( )
false on error

Definition at line 687 of file mumps_solver.cpp.

template<typename Scalar >
bool Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >::reinit ( )

(Re)initialize a MUMPS instance.

true on succes
See also

Definition at line 708 of file mumps_solver.cpp.

template<typename Scalar >
bool Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >::setup_factorization ( )

Definition at line 833 of file mumps_solver.cpp.

template<typename Scalar >
void Hermes::Solvers::MumpsSolver< Scalar >::solve ( )


true on succes

Implements Hermes::Solvers::DirectSolver< Scalar >.

Definition at line 772 of file mumps_solver.cpp.

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