Hermes2D  3.0
Hermes::Hermes2D::Quad2DStd Class Reference

2D quadrature points on the standard reference domains (-1,1)^2 More...

#include <quad_all.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Hermes::Hermes2D::Quad2DStd:

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned char get_id ()
virtual void dummy_fn ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Hermes2D::Quad2D
unsigned char get_num_points (int order, ElementMode2D mode) const
double3 * get_points (int order, ElementMode2D mode) const
unsigned short get_edge_points (int edge, unsigned short order, ElementMode2D mode)
unsigned short get_max_order (ElementMode2D mode) const
unsigned short get_safe_max_order (ElementMode2D mode) const
unsigned short get_num_tables (ElementMode2D mode) const
double2 * get_ref_vertex (int n, ElementMode2D mode)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Hermes::Hermes2D::Quad2D
double3 *** tables
unsigned char ** np
unsigned short num_tables [2]
unsigned short max_order [2]
unsigned short safe_max_order [2]
unsigned short max_edge_order
double2 ref_vert [2][H2D_MAX_NUMBER_VERTICES]

Detailed Description

2D quadrature points on the standard reference domains (-1,1)^2

Definition at line 36 of file quad_all.h.

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