HermesCommon  3.0
nonlinear_matrix_solver.h File Reference

General nonlinear solver functionality. More...

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class  Hermes::Solvers::NonlinearMatrixSolver< Scalar >
 Base class for defining interface for nonlinear solvers. More...
class  Hermes::Exceptions::NonlinearException


 General namespace for the Hermes library.
 Namespace for linear / nonlinear / iterative solvers.


enum  Hermes::Solvers::NonlinearConvergenceMeasurementType {
  ResidualNormRelativeToPrevious = 0x0001, ResidualNormRatioToInitial = 0x0002, ResidualNormRatioToPrevious = 0x0004, ResidualNormAbsolute = 0x0008,
  SolutionChangeAbsolute = 0x0010, SolutionChangeRelative = 0x0020
 This specifies the quantity that is compared to newton_tolerance (settable by set_tolerance()).
enum  Hermes::Solvers::NonlinearConvergenceState {
  Converged, NotConverged, BelowMinDampingCoeff, AboveMaxAllowedResidualNorm,
  AboveMaxIterations, Error
 Nonlinear Convergence state.


const int Hermes::Solvers::NonlinearConvergenceMeasurementTypeCount = 6
template<typename Scalar >
class HERMES_API Hermes::Solvers::NonlinearConvergenceMeasurement

Detailed Description

General nonlinear solver functionality.

Definition in file nonlinear_matrix_solver.h.