HermesCommon  3.0
Hermes::ButcherTable Class Reference

Butcher's tables for Runge-Kutta methods. More...

#include <table.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Hermes::ButcherTable:

Public Member Functions

 ButcherTable (unsigned int size)
 ButcherTable (ButcherTableType butcher_table)
virtual void free ()
virtual void alloc (unsigned int size)
double get_B (unsigned int i)
double get_B2 (unsigned int i)
double get_C (unsigned int i)
void set_B (unsigned int i, double val)
void set_B2 (unsigned int i, double val)
void set_C (unsigned int i, double val)
bool is_explicit ()
bool is_diagonally_implicit ()
bool is_fully_implicit ()
bool is_embedded ()
void switch_B_rows ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Table
 Table (unsigned int size)
unsigned int get_size ()
double get_A (unsigned int i, unsigned int j)
void set_A (unsigned int i, unsigned int j, double val)

Protected Attributes

double * B
double * B2
 This is the second B-row for adaptivity based.
double * C
 on embedded R-K methods.
- Protected Attributes inherited from Hermes::Table
unsigned int size
double ** A

Detailed Description

Butcher's tables for Runge-Kutta methods.

Definition at line 102 of file table.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Hermes::ButcherTable::switch_B_rows ( )

For experimental purposes. Switches the B and B2 rows. B2 row must be nonzero, otherwise error is thrown.

Definition at line 811 of file table.cpp.

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