Hermes2D  3.0
view.h File Reference

File containing View abstract class. More...

#include "../global.h"
#include "orderizer.h"

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struct  Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::WinGeom
class  Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::View
 Represents a simple visualization window. More...


 Namespace containing definitions specific for Hermes2D.
 Namespace containing Views classes, Linearizer classes, and support for these.


#define H2D_DEFAULT_X_POS   -1
#define H2D_DEFAULT_Y_POS   -1
#define H2D_DEFAULT_WIDTH   600
#define H2D_DEFAULT_HEIGHT   400
#define H2DV_SCALE_LOG_BASE   1.005
 Base of the scale coefficient. Scale = base^{mouse move}.
#define transform_x(x)   ((x * scale + trans_x) + center_x)
#define transform_y(y)   (center_y - (y * scale + trans_y))
#define FPS_FRAME_SIZE   5


enum  Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::ViewWaitEvent { Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::HERMES_WAIT_CLOSE, Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::HERMES_WAIT_KEYPRESS }
 Wait events. More...
enum  Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::ViewPaletteType { Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::H2DV_PT_HUESCALE = 0, Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::H2DV_PT_GRAYSCALE = 1, Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::H2DV_PT_INVGRAYSCALE = 2, Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::H2DV_PT_MAX_ID = 3 }
 View palette type. More...

Detailed Description

File containing View abstract class.

Definition in file view.h.