First part one needs to handle is the computational mesh, typically the following would be used:

// Shared pointers are used for easier memory handling.
MeshSharedPtr mesh(new Mesh);

// Either: Native Hermes mesh format.
MeshReaderH2D mloader;
mloader.load("domain.mesh", mesh);

// Or: XML Hermes mesh format.
MeshReaderH2DXML mloader;
mloader.load("domain.xml", mesh);

// Or: BSON (Binary JSON) format for fast binary load/save - used primarily in Agros.
MeshReaderH2DBSON mloader;
mloader.load("domain.bson", mesh);

More about meshes can be found in the ‘hermes-tutorial’ documentation, section ‘A-linear’, chapter ‘01-mesh’ and in the Doxygen documentation.

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