Thank you for your interest in Hermes!

Hermes is a C++ library for rapid development of adaptive hp-FEM and hp-DG solvers, with emphasis on nonlinear, time-dependent, multi-physics problems.

This document is organized as follows:

  • Section 1 provides general information about Hermes and the computational methods it uses, and how to install Hermes on various platforms.
  • Section 2 is the Getting Started Guide - to get you started in no time.
  • Section 3 is the extended documentation section, you will find developers documentation in Doxygen, as well as step-by-step user documentation in tutorials and advanced examples.
  • Section 4 explains how to use Git and Github, and how you can contribute to the project if interested.

This document is under continuous development. If you find bugs, typos, dead links and such, please report them to the Hermes2D mailing list.

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Hermes Overview