Installing NetCDFΒΆ

To install the NetCDF library, insert the following commands in your command-line terminal (be root user for system wide installation):

Step 1)

cd /

Step 2)





Step 3)

tar xvzf netcdf-bin-*.tar.gz

Step 4)

rm netcdf-bin-*.tar.gz

The latter steps will unpack the binary package of NetCDF into /opt/packages/netcdf. If you do not like the location, you may change it to whatever you like, just remember to also adjust the “CMake” variables accordingly (see below).

To use ExodusII support in Hermes2d or 3d: - clone the Hermes repo (if you haven’t done so yet), and in your “CMake.vars” file (found in your Hermes directory) add the following lines (AFTER you are done installing BOTH [ExodusII and NetCDF] packages):

SET(EXODUSII_ROOT /opt/packages/exodusii)
SET(NETCDF_ROOT /opt/packages/netcdf)

After you are done adding these lines to your “CMake.vars” file, go back to your command-line terminal and type:

cmake .

Congratulations (assuming everything worked out) you just installed the NetCDF library!

Note: The binary packages were prepared on Ubuntu 9.10 (64bit and 32bit); they may or may not work on other 64bit and 32bit machines.

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