Hermes Documentation overview

Building user documentation (this one) in HTML

Before building User Documentation, install the Python Sphinx package:

Linux: sudo apt-get install python-sphinx
Windows: download Python (, download setup tools (, adjust PATH env. variable

The user documentation can be found in the directory doc/. Type “make html” there to build it. The HTML pages can then be displayed by typing:

firefox _build/html

or using another web browser.

Building user documentation (this one) in PDF

In the directory doc/ type “make latex” and you will be instructed how to build the PDF:

Build finished; the LaTeX files are in _build/latex.
Run `make all-pdf' or `make all-ps' in that directory to run these through (pdf)latex.

Developer Documentation (in Doxygen)

The documentation is accessible online.

In order to build developers documentation, install Doxygen:

Linux: sudo apt-get install doxygen
Windows: `<>`_.

There are separate Doxygen files for hermes-common (dimension-independent functionality such as matrix solvers) and for Hermes2D. To build the former, go to the directory hermes-common/ and type “doxygen Doxyfile”. The HTML docs will be located in a new subfolder doc/html/ and you can view them in any web browser, such as:

firefox doc/html/index.html

To build Doxygen files for Hermes2D, go to the directory hermes2d/ and type again “doxygen Doxyfile”. The HTML docs will be located in the file doc/html/index.html.

Other Resources

See the section “Citing Hermes” in this document for a representative selection of books and scientific papers about Hermes. A more complete overview of publications about Hermes and adaptive hp-FEM can be found in the publications section. at The most recent list is probably the one on Pavel Solin’s publications page.