HermesCommon  3.0
vector.h File Reference

Basic vector classes and operations. More...

#include "algebra_utilities.h"
#include "algebra_mixins.h"
#include "mixins.h"

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class  Hermes::Algebra::Vector< Scalar >
 General (abstract) vector representation in Hermes. More...
class  Hermes::Algebra::SimpleVector< Scalar >
 Vector used with MUMPS solver. More...


 General namespace for the Hermes library.
 Namespace containing classes for vector / matrix operations.


template<typename Scalar >
HERMES_API Vector< Scalar > * Hermes::Algebra::create_vector (bool use_direct_solver=false)
 Function returning a vector according to the users's choice. More...
template<typename Scalar >
double Hermes::get_l2_norm (Algebra::Vector< Scalar > *vec)
template<typename Scalar >
double Hermes::get_l2_norm (Scalar *vec, int count)

Detailed Description

Basic vector classes and operations.

Definition in file vector.h.