HermesCommon  3.0
Hermes::Preconditioners::MlPrecond< Scalar > Class Template Reference

Preconditioners built on ML. More...

#include <precond_ml.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Hermes::Preconditioners::MlPrecond< Scalar >:

Public Member Functions

 MlPrecond (const char *type)
 MlPrecond (ML_Epetra::MultiLevelPreconditioner *mpc)
 Wrap ML object.
void set_param (const char *name, const char *value)
void set_param (const char *name, int value)
void set_param (const char *name, bool value)
void set_param (const char *name, double value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hermes::Preconditioners::EpetraPrecond< Scalar >
virtual int SetUseTranspose (bool UseTranspose)
virtual int Apply (const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
virtual double NormInf () const
virtual const char * Label () const
virtual bool UseTranspose () const
virtual bool HasNormInf () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual Epetra_Operator * get_obj ()
virtual void create (Matrix< Scalar > *mat)
virtual void destroy ()
 Destroy the preconditioner object.
virtual void compute ()
 Compute the preconditioner.
virtual void recompute ()
 Cheaply recompute the preconditioner if matrix values have changed but not their non-zero structure.
void print_unused ()
virtual int ApplyInverse (const Epetra_MultiVector &r, Epetra_MultiVector &z) const
virtual const Epetra_Comm & Comm () const
virtual const Epetra_Map & OperatorDomainMap () const
virtual const Epetra_Map & OperatorRangeMap () const

Protected Attributes

ML_Epetra::MultiLevelPreconditioner * prec
Teuchos::ParameterList mlist
EpetraMatrix< Scalar > * mat
unsigned owner: 1


class AztecOOSolver< Scalar >

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class Hermes::Preconditioners::MlPrecond< Scalar >

Preconditioners built on ML.

Definition at line 51 of file epetra.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
Hermes::Preconditioners::MlPrecond< Scalar >::MlPrecond ( const char *  type)
[in]type- type of the preconditioner[ sa | dd ]
  • sa = smooth aggregation
  • dd = domain decomposition

Definition at line 27 of file precond_ml.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
void Hermes::Preconditioners::MlPrecond< Scalar >::create ( Matrix< Scalar > *  mat)

Implements Hermes::Preconditioners::EpetraPrecond< Scalar >.

Definition at line 78 of file precond_ml.cpp.

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