Hermes2D  3.0
Todo List
File global.h
Put more common H2D stuff here.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::CurvMap::CurvMap (const CurvMap *cm)
Find out if this is safe.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::DiscreteProblemSelectiveAssembler< Scalar >::prepare_sparse_structure (SparseMatrix< Scalar > *mat, Vector< Scalar > *rhs, std::vector< SpaceSharedPtr< Scalar > > spaces, Traverse::State **&states, unsigned int &num_states)
do not get the assembly list again if the element was not changed.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::GnuplotGraph::set_legend_pos (const char *posspec)
check that input string is admissible for gnuplot 'set key' command
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::MeshReaderH1DXML::save (const char *filename, MeshSharedPtr mesh)
Is this necessary? It is a valid H2D mesh afterall.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::NormForm::set_area (std::string area)
use this - it is not used so far.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::H1ProjBasedSelector< Scalar >::get_current_order_range (Element *element, int &min_order, int &max_order)
Replace calculations inside with calculations that uses symbolic constants instead of fixed numbers.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::HcurlProjBasedSelector< Scalar >::H2DRS_MAX_HCURL_ORDER
Replace the numerical constant after a symbolic constant is added to Hcurl shapeset which would declare the maximum supported order.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::L2ProjBasedSelector< Scalar >::get_current_order_range (Element *element, int &min_order, int &max_order)

Replace calculations inside with calculations that uses symbolic constants instead of fixed numbers.

The original implementation uses subtracts 1 in H1 and Hcurl while L2 subtracts 2. Why?

Member Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::OptimumSelector< Scalar >::create_candidates (Element *e, int quad_order)
Find and why is iro_cache compared with the number 8. What does the number 8 mean?
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::OptimumSelector< Scalar >::OptimumSelector (CandList cand_list, int max_order, Shapeset *shapeset, const Range &vertex_order, const Range &edge_bubble_order)
verify the purpose of this). But we need to know number of shapes for polynomial degrees 0, ..., 10 ( = 11 ) + 1 special (any order - at 0th position).
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::ScalarView::reset_view (bool force_reset)
allow the user to decide whether he always wants equal axes scaling or prefers actually seeing something sensible...
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::Views::ScalarView::set_min_max_range (double min, double max)
allow setting min = max, in which case draw the corresponding contour.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::VonMisesFilter::VonMisesFilter (std::vector< MeshFunctionSharedPtr< double > > solutions, double lambda, double mu, int cyl=0, int item1=H2D_FN_VAL, int item2=H2D_FN_VAL)
cylindrical coordinates
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::warn_order ()
Fix this, so that it complies with the rest of the code.
Member Hermes::Hermes2D::WeakFormsNeutronics::Multigroup::CompleteWeakForms::Diffusion::DefaultWeakFormSourceIteration< Scalar >::get_keff ()
This is needed by 4-group adapt, however it must have been removed, so I provided this dummy method to get over it.