Hermes2D  3.0
Hermes::Hermes2D::Node Struct Reference

Stores one node of a mesh. More...

#include <element.h>

Public Member Functions

bool is_constrained_vertex () const
 Returns true if the (vertex) node is constrained.
void ref_element (Element *e=nullptr)
void unref_element (HashTable *ht, Element *e=nullptr)

Public Attributes

int id
 node id number
unsigned ref: 29
 the number of elements using the node
unsigned type: 1
 0 = vertex node; 1 = edge node
unsigned bnd: 1
 1 = boundary node; 0 = inner node
unsigned used: 1
 array item usage flag
union {
   struct {
      double   x
 vertex node coordinates
      double   y
   struct {
      int   marker
 edge marker
      Element *   elem [2]
 elements sharing the edge node
int p1
 parent id numbers
int p2
 next node in hash synonym list

Detailed Description

Stores one node of a mesh.

There are are two variants of this structure, depending on the value of the member 'type':

  1. HERMES_TYPE_VERTEX – vertex node. Has physical coordinates x, y.  
  2. HERMES_TYPE_EDGE – edge node. Only stores edge marker and two element pointers.

Definition at line 45 of file element.h.

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