Hermes2D  3.0
Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::Selector< Scalar > Singleton Referenceabstract

A parent of all refinement selectors. Abstract class. More...

#include <selector.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool select_refinement (Element *element, int quad_order, MeshFunction< Scalar > *rsln, ElementToRefine &refinement)=0
 Selects a refinement. More...

Protected Member Functions

 Selector (int min_order=1, int max_order=H2DRS_DEFAULT_ORDER)
 Constructor. More...

Protected Attributes

const int min_order
 A minimum allowed order.
const int max_order
 A maximum allowed order.


template<typename T >
class Adapt
template<typename T >
class KellyTypeAdapt

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
singleton Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::Selector< Scalar >

A parent of all refinement selectors. Abstract class.

All refinement selectors have to derive from this class or its children. The interface of the class provides methods for:

  • selecting a refinement based on a reference soution,
  • updating orders of a mesh shared among components.

Definition at line 29 of file function.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Scalar>
Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::Selector< Scalar >::Selector ( int  min_order = 1,
int  max_order = H2DRS_DEFAULT_ORDER 


[in]max_orderA maximum order used by this selector. If it is H2DRS_DEFAULT_ORDER, a maximum supported order is used.

Definition at line 81 of file selector.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Scalar>
virtual bool Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::Selector< Scalar >::select_refinement ( Element element,
int  quad_order,
MeshFunction< Scalar > *  rsln,
ElementToRefine refinement 
pure virtual

Selects a refinement.

This methods has to be implemented.

[in]elementAn element which is being refined.
[in]quad_orderAn encoded order of the element.
[in]rslnA reference solution which is used to select a refinement.
[out]refinementA selected refinement. It contains a valid contents if and only if the method returns true.
True if a refinement was proposed. False if the selector is unable to select a refinement or it suggest that the element should not be refined.

Implemented in Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::OptimumSelector< Scalar >, Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::POnlySelector< Scalar >, and Hermes::Hermes2D::RefinementSelectors::HOnlySelector< Scalar >.

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