Hermes2D  3.0
Hermes::Hermes2D::AdaptStoppingCriterionLevels< Scalar > Class Template Reference

#include <adapt.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AdaptStoppingCriterionLevels (double threshold)
 Constructor specifying the threshold (see description of threshold).
bool add_refinement (ErrorCalculator< Scalar > *error_calculator, double processed_error_squared, double max_error_squared, int element_inspected_i)
 Decide if the refinement at hand will be carried out.

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class Hermes::Hermes2D::AdaptStoppingCriterionLevels< Scalar >

Stopping criterion based on refining elements with similar errors. The method add_refinement will return false as soon as the particular element carries significantly less error than the previous one in the descending sequence. Useful e.g. when we are more interested in overall solution quality than resolution of a steep singularity etc.

Definition at line 100 of file adapt.h.

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